by Michelle Erica Green

1. Purpose and Status of Now Voyager

Kate Mulgrew's official fan club was created to give fans a forum to rejoice in
Kate Mulgrew's career and her place in the Star Trek universe, with the
possibility of engaging in charitable and humanitarian work in her name. The club
and its publications are amateur, not-for-profit entities which claim no sanction
from Paramount Pictures nor any other broadcasting company. Opinions expressed by
members do not necessarily reflect those of the fan club nor those of Kate
Mulgrew. Anyone representing Now Voyager must have written permission from the
club to do so, and must behave in a manner respectful of Kate Mulgrew, her fans,
and her professional contacts. Permission to represent the club does not convey
the right to use of property belonging to Paramount Pictures. No one from the
club may claim to speak for Kate Mulgrew without direct sanction from herself,
her agent, or her publicist.

2. Conditions of Membership

Membership in Now Voyager is open to any fan of Kate Mulgrew's. Participation in
club activities is encouraged but not necessary. Now Voyager reserves the right
to revoke the membership of any member who harasses Kate Mulgrew, her associates,
or any other member of the fan club. A member may also be dismissed for
misrepresentation of the club, unauthorized dissemination of private club
information, or behavior which could cause embarrassment to the club or to Kate
Mulgrew. Should such a cancellation become necessary, dues will be refunded on a
pro-rata basis. Now Voyager will inform Paramount Pictures and convention
organizers of any threats, slander, or behavior which might disturb Kate
Mulgrew's privacy or disrupt an event connected with her; for security reasons,
Now Voyager may inform current members of the club as well.

3. General Policies

Now Voyager endeavors to be a family-oriented club, but since Star Trek often
deals with inflammatory social issues, the newsletter and electronic list may
feature remarks about topics which run contrary to some people's definitions of
"family values." Political opinions expressed are strictly those of the authors.
Racist, sexist, or homophobic comments will not be permitted. The club will not
participate in any campaign directed at the producers of Star Trek or UPN, except
under circumstances such as cancellation of a show or recasting of a character.
Members participating in write-in campaigns may not use the club's name without
permission from the club.


1. Purpose of Newsletter and Editorial Guidelines

Now Voyager's newsletter is a forum to discuss and celebrate the work of Kate
Mulgrew, the character of Captain Kathryn Janeway, and the broader universe of
Star Trek. All articles submitted should be relevant to fans of Kate Mulgrew or
Star Trek. Insightful criticism is always welcome. However, contributions which
demean the performers, fans, or producers of Star Trek will not be printed, as
this newsletter is not the proper place for such remarks. Now Voyager may edit
submissions for clarity, length, and syntax. The club would prefer not to create
a policy which would forbid the use of specific terminology, but reserves the
right to edit profanity from an article or to request that an author reword any
writing which might be considered in poor taste. The publishers may show
submissions to assistant editors. Harrassment of the publishers over the editing
or rejection of submissions may result in a member's being denied permission to
submit to the newsletter.

2. Rejection of Submissions

The laws of the United States protect the privilege of editors to set guidelines
for publication, and to reject material which fails to meet those guidelines. Any
libelous submissions will be rejected from the newsletter and may be considered
grounds for dismissal from the club. Plagiarized material will also be rejected
and the writer will never again be permitted to contribute. Now Voyager may
refuse submissions for reasons of legibility, coherence, appropriateness,
timeliness, or space in the newsletter. Such material may be revised for
reconsideration. Articles rejected by Now Voyager may be submitted elsewhere. Now
Voyager will not discuss submissions with anyone other than the writers and
editors of the material.

3. Contributors' Rights and Responsibilities

All items printed by Now Voyager remain the property of the original writers and
artists. Material printed in Now Voyager may not be reprinted elsewhere without
permission of the editors for a period of two months following publication. After
that, items appearing in Now Voyager may be printed or posted elsewhere at the
authors' and artists' discretion, provided that such material is accompanied by a
notation stating that it originally appeared in Now Voyager. Articles submitted
simultaneously to Now Voyager and other publications must be identified as such;
the newsletter is unlikely to reprint any material which has already been
published elsewhere. The use of pseudonyms is acceptable for publication, but all
submissions must include the author's legal name.

4. Commentary and Criticism

At present, Now Voyager does not have a letters to the editor column because we
receive very few letters per se; submissions sent as commentary are evaluated as
articles, and all suggestions are read and responded to. The publishers will be
happy to forward comments to writers, but will not print criticism of published
articles in the newsletter itself. Comments and suggestions about the club and
the newsletter are welcome, though we remind our members that Now Voyager
operates on a very limited budget, so many requests simply cannot be implemented.
In a bimonthly amateur publication, it is impossible to please everyone. We want
Now Voyager to represent Kate Mulgrew and her fans in the best manner possible,
and we appreciate your understanding of these policies.

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