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Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathan Archer
John Billingsley as Dr. Phlox
Jolene Blalock as T'Pol
Dominic Keating as Malcolm Reed
Anthony Montgomery as Travis Mayweather
Linda Park as Hoshi Sato
Connor Trinneer as Charles 'Trip' Tucker


John Fleck as Silik
Vaughn Armstrong as Admiral Forrest
Gary Graham as Soval
James Horan as Shadowy Humanoid
Matt Winston as Daniels
Kellie Waymire as Elizabeth Cutler
Jeffrey Combs as Shran
Molly Brink as Talas
Steven Dennis as Tholos
Daniel Riordan as Duras
Steven Culp as Major Hayes
Nathan Anderson as Sergeant Kemper
Daniel Dae Kim as Corporal Chang
Julia Rose as McKenzie
Sean McGowan as Hawkins
Randy Oglesby as Degra
Scott MacDonald as Xindi Reptilian Commander
Tucker Smallwood as Xindi Humanoid Council Member
Rick Worthy as Xindi Sloth Council Member
Josette DiCarlo as Sphere-Builder
Ada Maris as Captain Erika Hernandez
Joanna Cassidy as T'Les
Michael Reilly Burke as Koss
Jack Donner as Vulcan Priest
Brent Spiner as Dr. Arik Soong
Robert Foxworth as V'Las
Kara Zediker as T'Pau
J. Michael Flynn as Nijil
Geno Silva as Vrax
Brian Thompson as Valdore
Scott Allen Rinker as Gareb
Eric Pierpoint as Harris
Derek Magyar as Kelby
Peter Weller as John Frederick Paxton
Harry Groener as Nathan Samuels
Johanna Watts as Gannett Brooks


Episode 1 - Broken Bow
When a Klingon crashes in Oklahoma and is pursued by mysterious aliens, Captain Jonathan Archer and his crew take aboard Vulcan advisor T'Pol on their mission to return the Klingon to his homeworld and learn about their new adversaries the Suliban.

Episode 2 - Fight or Flight
Enterprise encounters a derelict ship whose crew suffered a horrific fate, forcing Sato to reevaluate her desire to travel in space.

Episode 3 - Strange New World
Tucker and Mayweather begin to suspect that T'Pol is conspiring with mysterious aliens when they land on a planet that looks idyllic from space.

Episode 4 - Unexpected
After what he believes is a platonic encounter with a Xyrillian, Tucker is astounded to find himself pregnant.

Episode 5 - Terra Nova
Enterprise goes looking for a lost human colony but finds a fresh human dilemma when the mutated colonists refuse to believe their ancestors came from Earth.

Episode 6 - The Andorian Incident
When the crew stops to visit a Vulcan sanctuary, they find Andorian guards accusing the Vulcans of hiding surveillance equipment.

Episode 7 - Breaking the Ice
While Reed and Mayweather try to drill their way to the heart of a comet, Archer tries to melt the facade of a visiting Vulcan captain and Tucker gets a peek behind T'Pol's icy exterior.

Episode 8 - Civilization
Archer finds aliens meddling with a pre-warp culture and develops a relationship with a suspicious native while T'Pol fights the menace in space.

Episode 9 - Fortunate Son
Starfleet orders Enterprise to assist the Fortunate, a ship of Boomers -- humans raised in space -- but the crew find themselves embroiled in a struggle with the Nausicaans.

Episode 10 - Cold Front
When a crewmember reveals himself to be a time traveler from hundreds of years in the future and asks for help apprehending a Suliban who has just saved Enterprise, Archer must decide whom to trust.

Episode 11 - Silent Enemy
When an unknown ship launches stealth attacks on Enterprise, Reed and Tucker work to get the ship's phase cannons working.

Episode 12 - Dear Doctor
In an era before the Prime Directive, Archer must decide whether to ask Phlox to save a civilization doomed by evolution to fail.

Episode 13 - Sleeping Dogs
The Enterprise crew tries to save a Klingon ship sinking into the atmosphere of a gas giant.

Episode 14 - Shadows of P'Jem
When the Vulcan High Command reassigns T'Pol because of the Andorian incident at P'Jem, Archer asks her to go on one last mission, not realizing the adversaries are in conflict over Coridan as well.

Episode 15 - Shuttlepod One
While trapped in a damaged shuttle, Tucker and Reed find evidence that Enterprise has been destroyed.

Episode 16 - Fusion
When Enterprise hosts a group of Vulcans who embrace emotion, Archer and T'Pol learn the risks and rewards of such an experiment.

Episode 17 - Rogue Planet
The crew encounters a hunting species with great camouflage technology, yet no understanding of the beings they pursue.

Episode 18 - Acquisition
Ferengi take over Enterprise but get distracted by lust for gold and T'Pol.

Episode 19 - Oasis
While scavenging for parts to salvage, Enterprise meets another damsel in distress with a shocking secret.

Episode 20 - Detained
Archer and Mayweather end up in a detention center full of Suliban who have not been genetically altered, yet are being held based on their race.

Episode 21 - Vox Sola
When a squid-like creature cocoons on Enterprise with several crewmembers trapped in its tentacles, Sato must find a way to talk to it.

Episode 22 - Fallen Hero
An expelled Vulcan ambassador retrieved by Enterprise is pursued by an alien mob.

Episode 23 - Desert Crossing
When Archer rescues a ship and accepts a dinner invitation from its captain, he inadvertently becomes involved in a civil war and learns the high price of involvement.

Episode 24 - Two Days and Two Nights
When Enterprise arrives at Risa, Archer, Tucker, Reed, Mayweather and Sato hope for some rest and relaxation, but the best-laid plans go awry.

Episode 25 - Shockwave
The Suliban attempt to frame Archer's crew for the destruction of a colony as the Temporal Cold War heats up.


Episode 26 - Shockwave, Part II
Archer tries to find his way back from the 31st century while Silik tries to contact his mysterious master.

Episode 27 - Carbon Creek
T'Pol reveals that one of her ancestors visited Earth in 1957, long before the official first contact.

Episode 28 - Minefield
When Enterprise encounters a Romulan minefield and Reed is injured disarming one of the mines, Archer must save the ship and Malcolm out on the hull.

Episode 29 - Dead Stop
Archer learns there's no such thing as a free repair job when the crew encounters an automated station that offers to fix the ship in barely 30 hours.

Episode 30 - A Night In Sickbay
When Porthos gets sick on an away mission, Archer refuses to apologize and frets that sexual tension with his first officer may be affecting his judgment.

Episode 31 - Marauders
Enterprise comes across a colony besieged by Klingons and the crew helps to teach the colonists to defend themselves.

Episode 32 - The Seventh
When T'Pol is asked by the Vulcan High Command to apprehend a fugitive, Archer learns of her career before Starfleet.

Episode 33 - The Communicator
After Reed loses his communicator on a pre-warp planet, he and Archer risk greater exposure to get it back.

Episode 34 - Singularity
When the ship approaches a black hole, the crew starts acting strangely and pursuing very trivial matters, with only T'Pol unaffected.

Episode 35 - Vanishing Point
After a beamout during a storm, Sato finds herself becoming less and less substantial.

Episode 36 - Precious Cargo
When he's called to repair a broken stasis pod, Tucker finds a beautiful diplomat being held against her will.

Episode 37 - The Catwalk
When the ship must travel through deadly radiation, Archer and the crew hide in the catwalk between the warp nacelles and bond in close quarters.

Episode 38 - Dawn
Tucker crashes on a planet along with the alien who shot his shuttlepod down and must work with his adversary to survive.

Episode 39 - Stigma
While Phlox searches for a way to treat T'Pol's rare illness without exposing her to the contempt of Vulcan doctors, one of his wives tries to get to know Tucker better.

Episode 40 - Cease Fire
Shran requests that Archer act as mediator between the Vulcans and Andorians.

Episode 41 - Future Tense
When Enterprise retrieves a vessel that appears to be from the future, both Suliban and Tholian ships claim the right of salvage.

Episode 42 - Canamar
Archer and Tucker are mistakenly arrested and transported to jail on a ship taken over by two other prisoners.

Episode 43 - The Crossing
When Enterprise is taken over by a ship run by non-corporeal beings, Archer must find a way to get his crewmembers' minds back into their bodies.

Episode 44 - Judgment
Archer rescues a group of refugees and is called before a Klingon tribunal; he must convince his defender that it's worth taking on the system.

Episode 45 - Horizon
Mayweather goes home after his father's death, and T'Pol goes to the movies with Archer and Tucker.

Episode 46 - The Breach
Archer rescues a group of refugees and is called before a Klingon tribunal; he must convince his defender that it's worth taking on the system.

Episode 47 - Cogenitor
Tucker meets a member of an oppressed third sex, but his interference with the alien culture has grave repercussions.

Episode 48 - Regeneration
Archer's crew is threatened with assimilation by a species that never names itself.

Episode 49 - First Flight
While searching for a dark matter nebula, Archer tries to come to terms with the death of the friend and rival who vied with him for piloting privileges during early NX testing.

Episode 50 - Bounty
While Archer tries to get away from a Tellarite seeking to collect the price the Klingons have put on his head, T'Pol is infected with a pathogen that causes her mating drive to kick in.

Episode 51 - The Expanse
After an attack on Earth leaves millions dead, Archer takes Enterprise into the Delphic Expanse, despite attacks by the Klingons, T'Pol's orders to return to Vulcan, and Starfleet skepticism about information from the Suliban that implicate aliens from the future in the attack.


Episode 52 - The Xindi
After meeting a Xindi at a mining colony, Archer and crew get shocking news about the world humans are supposed to destroy.

Episode 53 - Anomaly
While pursuing aliens who have stolen from a damaged Enterprise, the NX-01 crew stumbles upon the best-kept secret in the Expanse.

Episode 54 - Extinction
Following a Xindi ship's trail, Archer, Sato and Reed arrive on a planet that transforms them into aliens; Phlox searches for a cure before containment teams exterminate them.

Episode 55 - Rajiin
Archer rescues a prostitute only to find that she may still be on someone's payroll.

Episode 56 - Impulse
Responding to a distress call, Enterprise discovers a ship of insane Vulcans trapped in an asteroid field.

Episode 57 - Exile
When the telepathic alien Tarquin offers to help Enterprise find the Xindi in exchange for Sato's company, Archer reluctantly agrees to let her stay.

Episode 58 - The Shipment
Archer discovers a facility refining a dangerous substance for a Xindi weapon, yet learns that the Xindi working there know nothing of the planned use for their product.

Episode 59 - Twilight
After an anomaly wipes out his ability to form long-term memories, Archer is horrified to learn that the Xindi have destroyed Earth.

Episode 60 - North Star
Centuries after being abducted to a distant planet, humans oppress their onetime masters.

Episode 61 - Similitude
When Trip is critically injured in an accident, Archer allows Phlox to create a clone to harvest vital brain tissue to save him.

Episode 62 - Carpenter Street
Archer and T'Pol go back to the future when they find a group of Xindi creating a weapon on Earth in 2004.

Episode 63 - Chosen Realm
After Archer saves a group of aliens whose ship was damaged by an anomaly, he is shocked when they take over the ship to use in their holy war.

Episode 64 - Proving Ground
Shran and the Andorians turn up in the Expanse to help Archer find the Xindi weapon.

Episode 65 - Stratagem
Shran and the Andorians turn up in the Expanse to help Archer find the Xindi weapon.

Episode 66 - Harbinger
Archer rescues an alien, T'Pol gives Tucker intimate neuropressure and Reed butts heads with Hayes.

Episode 67 - Doctor's Orders
Alone on the ship, with the crew in comas to avoid damage from spatial distortions, Phlox begins to have trouble telling reality from illusion.

Episode 68 - Hatchery
Archer fights to save a shipful of unborn Xindi-Insectoids while his crew questions his fitness to command.

Episode 69 - Azati Prime
Having found the Xindi weapon, Archer contemplates sacrificing himself to prevent it from reaching Earth.

Episode 70 - Damage
With his ship severely damaged and his crew strained past the breaking point, Archer considers an act of desperation that would violate his ethics.

Episode 71 - The Forgotten
While Archer negotiates with the Xindi weapon's maker, Tucker tries to cope with its consequences.

Episode 72 - E2
A duplicate Enterprise introduces Archer's crew to its descendants and creates a dilemma for its captain.

Episode 73 - The Council
As Archer promises the Xindi council proof of the sphere-builders' duplicity, T'Pol leads an away team inside a sphere to provide that proof.

Episode 74 - Countdown
Archer persuades the Aquatics to help Enterprise and the other Xindi stop the Reptilians from destroying Earth, but the Reptilians have abducted Sato and use her to obtain the launch codes for the weapon.

Episode 75 - Zero Hour
As the Reptilians approach Earth with the weapon, Archer goes on a potential suicide mission that could change the course of the future.


Episode 76 - Storm Front, Part One
The Xindi are forgotten as evil alien Nazis preoccupy the Enterprise crew.

Episode 77 - Storm Front, Part Two
While New Yorkers fight Hitler's arrival, Archer struggles against the aliens who altered the timeline.

Episode 78 - Home
As Phlox and Archer come to terms with a changed Earth and a more complex Starfleet, T'Pol shows Tucker what Vulcan is like.

Episode 79 - Borderland
Archer must make a deal with the devil in the form of a geneticist determined to find freedom for himself and his 'children.'

Episode 80 - Cold Station 12
While retrieving the embryos of other Augments, Soong's 'children' show signs of adolescent rebellion.

Episode 81 - The Augments
While Archer tries to clean up the mess, Soong's children defy their father and threaten to spark a war between Earth and the Klingon Empire.

Episode 82 - The Forge
A violent tragedy brings Archer into the desert near Mt. Seleya with T'Pol and into touch with the roots of Vulcan logic.

Episode 83 - Awakening
Archer struggles with the weight of 1800 years of Vulcan tradition while Tucker struggles with Vulcan illogic.

Episode 84 - Kir'Shara
While Archer and T'Pau hope to change Vulcan from within, Tucker and Soval try to stop a war.

Episode 85 - Daedalus
The inventor of the transporter brings a realm of fear aboard Enterprise when he arranges for a test of a long-distance teleportation device.

Episode 86 - Observer Effect
Aliens take over the bodies of crewmembers to observe how humans react to a deadly contagion when Tucker and Sato become ill on an away mission.

Episode 87 - Babel One
While escorting a Tellarite ambassador to a trade conference, Enterprise picks up a distress call from an Andorian ship claiming to have been attacked by the Tellarites.

Episode 88 - United
To try to hold a multi-species alliance together to resist the Romulans, Archer fights a duel to the death with Shran.

Episode 89 - The Aenar
While Archer and Shran go to Andoria to seek help fighting a telepathically controlled marauder ship, Tucker seeks help fighting his own feelings.

Episode 90 - Affliction
The Klingons face the threat of extinction from a plague, and Archer faces a threat on his ship from a crewmember with a secret.

Episode 91 - Divergence
As Enterprise and Columbia attempt to rescue Phlox from the Klingons and Phlox attempts to rescue the Klingons from their own folly, cloak-and-dagger scheming makes matters difficult for Reed and Archer.

Episode 92 - Bound
Archer receives three Orion slaves as a gift from a privateer, and proceeds to make Kirk look like a model of erotic restraint. Tucker, however, is immune.

Episode 93 - In a Mirror, Darkly Part I
Welcome to the mirror universe, where women bare their midriffs and men kill for better jobs.

Episode 94 - In A Mirror, Darkly Part II
Absolute power corrupts absolutely as Mirror Archer imagines himself Captain...Commodore...Emperor!

Episode 95 - Demons
A Terran isolationist holds a Vulcan-Human baby hostage as he uses a mining colony to sieze control of a weapon that can force all aliens to leave Earth.

Episode 96 - Terra Prime
With T'Pol and Tucker held hostage by a xenophobe, Archer tries to salvage a planetary alliance.

Episode 97 - These Are the Voyages...
Will Riker finds faith of the heart while studying the NX-01 historical documents, trying to figure out what to do about the Pegasus.


New York Daily News Interview
When Enterprise was cancelled, they wanted a few quotes. I gave them several that were cleverer than the ones they used, but hey, it's press.

Andre Bormanis Interview
I didn't interview him but he talked about me. How surreal, and a nice ego boost.

Bruce Davison Interview
The X-Men star reflects on playing an altered Vulcan on Enterprise and a fascist on Voyager.

Rene Auberjonois Interview
Odo shapeshifts into a Prospero-like character on Enterprise.

Jeffrey Combs Interview
The man who played Brunt, Weyoun and Penk comes to Enterprise as both an Andorian and a Ferengi.

Vaughn Armstrong Interview
What's life like for Admiral Forrest? Vaughn Armstrong tells all.

Voyager vs. Enterprise
How come I'm being so easy on Enterprise when I was so tough on Voyager? A very brief response.

I've Lost Faith Of the Heart
Enterprise's first season is over, and I'm trying to remember why I watch Star Trek in the first place.

I've Found Faith Of the Heart
At the end of Enterprise's second season, I kinda have to admit that this show has really grown on me.

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